Dream of: 02 February 1989 "Resurface"

I was a woman. I had gone to a circular ice skating rink with some other people and had invited a husky black man (about 25 years old) to accompany me. Even after arriving at the rink and beginning to skate, I still hadn't spoken to the black man, but once as I skated past him, I touched him on the arm with my hand.

Now I was a man and I was skating around the ice rink. Suddenly in front of me, I saw several people lying on the ice. I tried to stop but was unable to and crashed into them. I fell on top of them. I was unhurt and actually found the whole thing rather amusing. When I rose up, I saw an attractive brunette woman (around 25 years old) sitting in front of me. She was wearing a dark bathing. She had large breasts and a shapely figure.

She apologized for being in my way and I told tell her how I had tried to stop but had been unable. I then stand back on my feet but now the whole area suddenly seemed like a large swimming pool. And the woman somehow pushed me backward so that I fell into the water. I grabbed and held unto the woman's foot as I went under the water. She also was holding onto me and I was concerned that she might somehow inadvertently prevent my resurfacing. But I was able to quickly raise my head back up above the water. I thought about what it would have been like if I hadn't been able to resurface. I imagined the water going into my nose causing my discomfort. I would have probably blacked out quickly.

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