Dream of: 29 January 1989 "Balanced"

I was walking toward the Gallia County Farmhouse, which also seemed somewhat like the House in Patriot. I first noticed a small car sitting along the side of the road and then I heard another car coming. Since I didn't want anyone to see me, I run and hid behind some bushes, until the car passed. I then began walking again toward the Farmhouse.

When I finally reached the Farmhouse, I walked inside and found a boy (about 2 years old) who somewhat reminded me of my brother Chris. He was just lying here and seemed unable to walk. I talked with him for a while.

Another woman was in the Farmhouse, and also a small girl (only about 2 months old). She was only about ten centimeters long, and I picked her up in my hand. I held her right in front of my face and she said something to me in English. I was surprised she was able to talk. I asked her several questions and she responded to each of them, although she wasn't able to talk perfectly. I decided I would like to give her an IQ test to see what her IQ was.

I knew the test couldn't be of words but would have to be of symbols. For example, I could give her pictures of three objects, two of which would be the same, and see if she could pick out the one which was different. That way I could test her IQ.

But finally I placed her on top of my head, where she stood up, balancing herself by holding onto my hair with her hands. As I walked around, I mentioned how balanced she seemed. Finally I heard another car coming and someone says it is my  uncle Liston. I looked outside and saw my uncle Liston and his family had arrived. They walked into the Farmhouse and I hugged my uncle Liston. I was worried the little girl would fall off my head, but she didn't.

The rest of the family came in and I sat down and talked with them. My uncle Liston apparently had been having some financial problems. He said he had filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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