Dream of: 28 January 1989 "Attempted Rescue"

I was watching a scene, almost like a movie, which showed a school building several stories tall with some teenagers looking out one of the windows on about the fourth floor. Down below all the earth was covered with water, apparently due to flooding. Now, through the water, came a group of perhaps 100 students (only about 12 years old on average). They were protesting something and some were carrying banners.

At first the water was only around their knees, then up around their waists and finally up around their necks. Something orange was floating along near them on the water and I thought it was a piece of clothing that one of them has lost, but then I saw that there was a lot of the orange stuff floating on the water and finally I realized it was orange toilet paper.

Suddenly several of the children tripped and went completely under water. Some others began trying to help find them and pull some of them back up above the surface, but it wasn't entirely clear if all the children who had gone under were brought back up.

I began developing a little fantasy in my mind. I imagined that one of the fellows looking out the window on the fourth floor of the school building jumped out and dove down into the shallow water to save the children. In fact, as I imagined it, it even partially seemed as if I were the person diving down. I would have to be sure I dived in a place where nothing was sticking up under the water, because the water was only about a meter deep. If I miscalculated and headed too deep, I could hit bottom and injure myself.


The dive had been completed and I had pulled one young fellow dressed completely in white from the water. I thought of various ways to help him, such as artificial respiration or holding him upside down to let the water drain out. I checked and saw that he was breathing.

I took him into a building, but once I was inside, I realized he had stopped breathing. I was very distraught and I wasn't certain what to do. It looked as if he would probably die.

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