Dream of: 27 January 1989 "Opportunity To Write"

I was in a jail again, perhaps in Iran. The country was close to the Persian Gulf, and at least the place seemed like Iran. Although I was quite shocked that I was once again in jail, it didn't actually seem that bad. What was most surprising was that Pat Tiahrt and John Burchill (two fellows with whom I had been in prison in Iran in 1978-1979) were also there. I talked with John and Pat about the situation and they were surprised to see me there. The three of us were in a large room with about 10 other people.

But I really didn't feel like talking with anyone and I just wanted to be alone. Finally I was alone and I began looking out a window. Although the prison seemed to be in the middle of a large oil field, there was a large wall right outside my window which descended to a creek. It appeared that the creek had a dam there. It looked as if it might be possible to climb down the wall and somehow escape. And actually my mind was occupied with only one thought: escape.

It appeared that if I climbed down the wall into the creek, I might be able to escape, but I also noticed a large guard tower nearby. There might be 10 guards in the tower and that was obviously going to be a problem. They would probably always be on watch. At first all the guards had their backs turned to me and I thought they might either be eating or playing cards. But all at once they all turned around and began looking out the windows.

If I only knew how deep the water was in the creek, I might be able to dive into it. But the guards would probably hear that. In my mind I imagined the escape taking place at night, and I imagined the guards shining lights down on the water to see what had happened. Perhaps I could throw a rock to one side causing a splash and then dive over to the other side. But that would still be very risky.

I considered what I would do if I did successfully escape. I would probably try to go to Europe. I wouldn't have a passport, but I thought I would probably just try to live in Europe without a passport. I thought I might be able to go to an American embassy and get a new passport. But I was afraid that the government of this country would notify the American embassy that I had escaped. Pursuant to some kind of agreement between the two countries, the American embassy might even return me here to this country. So I was hesitant to go to the American embassy.

Finally I stood up and it seemed as if something was wrong with me. Suddenly I realized I had decided to fast for 10 days, and I felt rather weak. I looked at myself in a mirror and I saw that my hair was all messed up. In fact, I looked somewhat like an imbecile. I even felt like an imbecile.

I thought I needed to write to my mother. I hadn't written to her for a long time and she didn't even know where I was. Although I didn't know how I was going to explain to her that I was once again in jail, I knew I needed to write to her. I thought of where I was on a map, and I imagined her trying to tell people that her son was once again in jail. I knew a town called Bahrain was nearby. I thought I would tell her I was near Bahrain.

I also thought I would tell my mother about John and Pat being there. I didn't know exactly how I would explain it, but I thought I needed to tell her.

Finally I walked into another room where I found a woman prisoner (about 30 years old) seated at a desk. She had brown-blonde hair, was slim and attractive. She was wearing a dress. I talked with her and she commented that it seemed as if I had improved. I talked about what I should be doing in here and she talked about writing and getting interested in myself. I didn't say much, although I knew that I wrote my dreams. I knew I had already written one book of dreams, and that this would be a good opportunity to do a lot of writing while I was in here. She said that I had already improved a lot just in the two or three days in which I had been in here. She seemed as if she had been assigned to talk to people about things like this. She was quite friendly and I rather liked her, although at the moment I really didn't feel like talking with anyone.

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