Dream of: 24 January 1989 "Marauding Children"

Strolling down a quiet commercial street, I came to a building which looked like a garage and had the entire front open. I looked inside, saw some old furniture, and realized this was an antique shop. I figured that few people knew about this place and that it might be possible to get a good buy here. But if it were like most antique shops, there were a few wealthy people who knew about it and who kept the prices high.

Without actually going in, I looked over the furniture. There didn't seem to be much of interest, except a chair in the back of the room. The chair was made of wood and had an enormous back probably three meters tall. It was lacquered and seemed in good shape, except for the seat, where the boards seem to have come apart some.

But the significant part about the chair was that in its back was a mirror, just about head high. I figured it would make a nice chair for me to have behind my desk. When someone came to see me and I was sitting down and they were standing, they could see themselves in the mirror right over my head. I rather wished I had the money to buy the chair.

Finally a couple older men walked around the antique shop and began talking. One mentioned the name "Collier" and then said something about someone named "Lars Collier." They then mentioned someone else named "Collier." Finally I spoke up and after asking them if they knew someone else named Collier, I told them my name was Collier. The three of us discussed the Colliers for a few more minutes.

But something else soon caught my attention. I noticed that outside, a large group of perhaps 100 black children had gathered. They seemed to be trying to get people to pull over in their cars so they could wash the cars and get money. But most people didn't want to do it, and finally the black children begin threatening some other small stores and merchants on the street. Finally the throng of children began moving from one small store to the next. They descended on some small booths on the other side of the street where most of the merchants sold candy. Obviously the children were stealing the candy and then continuing on.

I began walking behind the crowd, curious about what was going on. I noticed some white men also in the crowd, and it seemed as if the white men were trying to agitate the children into doing what they were doing. I also noticed two or three white policemen doing nothing to stop the children. Apparently the policemen felt outnumbered and were afraid to act.

Finally the crowd stopped in front of the outside display in front of a store. It almost looked as if there was a stage in front of the store and it appeared that someone might be giving a speech from the stage. I moved closer, until I was surprised to see that in front of the crowd were perhaps 50 young black girls, all dressed completely in white gowns, with cloth over their heads. It was rather eerie. Since I didn't really know what was going on, I decided it would be best to get away.

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