Dream of: 20 January 1989 "Health Food"

I was attending a class reunion being held in a large room; about 30 people were present, including a teacher who was supposed to be directing activities. But the teacher was busy at the moment and the rest of us were trying to decide what to do. I considered dividing the class up into six different groups and playing monopoly. The winners of each of the six groups could then all play a monopoly game to determine the grand winner. I thought of some other games we could also play and I began devising a system wherein even the losers would have a chance to play the grand winner again to determine who the real winner was. Along with monopoly, I thought we could also play chess and checkers.

Finally, some of the others and I walked outside. All the others were dressed up, but I was only wearing shorts with a big towel draped over me. I thought perhaps I should also be dressed up. I also felt a bit heavy, as if I had gained some weight. That made me somewhat embarrassed, and reinforced my desire to put on some clothes.

Someone began talking about swimming and mentioned an underground cave which had water in it. I asked about it and someone told me that one must stoop down to get into the cave, and that the water was shallow and dirty with germs. The person told me that people had also drowned in the water. I was sure I didn't want to go there to swim.

Finally we all went inside and sat down at some booths to eat. Carolina joined me. Although she could sit in a chair across from me on the other side of the table, she pulled up a chair right beside me. Levy (a former law student whom I had met in law school) sat down on the other side of Carolina, and another woman sat on the other side of Levy. Levy and the other woman were both about 30 years old. Carolina looked small sitting next to Levy.

I noticed Carolina was rolling up something slender and white on her plate. I thought it was a cigarette, and I was afraid she was going to start smoking. Looking more closely, however, I saw  she wasn't rolling up cigarettes, but alfalfa sprouts rolled up in something white. It was some kind of health food which she was eating.

I knew people were wondering about my being there with Carolina, since she was so young, but I didn't say anything. Carolina likewise quietly sat without saying much.

Finally I decided to go running. I was now dressed in pants and shirt. I walked outside and began running. While running past some buildings, I could see a reflection of myself in the windows. My figure looked good. I still needed to lose some weight, but basically my figure was in good shape. I reflected that I needed to keep my figure in shape if I was going to attract a young woman like Carolina.

As I ran, I thought that although other people were probably making comments about my being with a young woman like Carolina, they were probably actually jealous of me.

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