Dream of: 19 January 1989 "Wicked Witch"

Someone (who wasn't exactly a person) named Bugsy, who was very close to me, had disappeared. One or two other people and I began running down a long corridor looking for Bugsy. I could hear someone screaming and begging someone not to hurt him and saying that he would say or do anything they wanted if they simply wouldn't hurt him. I recognized the voice as that of Bugsy. Finally I ran down some stairs and arrived in a room, apparently in a basement. Here I could see Bugsy sitting in a chair and some other people standing next to him. I ran toward him and knocked some people sitting on the floor out of my way.

Suddenly a large number of characters appeared who all looked like the wicked witch in the movie the Wizard of Oz. They all had long noses and long pointed witches' hats. They all appeared very fleshy. Surprised, and at the same time not surprised, I took a seat, and I said to the witches, "It's I!"

Finally I realized the person sitting in the other seat wasn't Bugsy. Realizing I had been deceived, I shouted, "Where's Bugsy?"

Someone told me Bugsy had somehow been done away with. I called out that it was impossible. I said, "If Bugsy is dead, then good and evil are dead, right and wrong are dead."

Then I compared some other opposites and I said they were dead. Finally I said, "Go home. I can watch all this on TV and not have to see yourselves torn to pieces in the process."

What I meant was that if Bugsy were really dead, then I wouldn't try to tear them to pieces. It wouldn't be necessary.

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