Dream of: 17 January 1989 "When It Stops Raining"

I had gone to see a movie in a movie theater. The theater was rather strange, because the seats were arranged over a large pool of water about ten meters below the seats. I was able to reach my seat and sit down in it, but if I were to fall, I would fall into the water.

Five or six other fellows were already sitting nearby, and another fellow sat down on my left. At first I didn't know who he was, but after looking at him a while, although I was uncertain, I thought he was one of Jon's brothers. At one point the fellow touched me on the arm. Afraid that he might be homosexual, I felt uncomfortable and wanted to go.

I had chosen this particular movie from a large selection of movies. The movie was about something violent, as if a battle between different people. I myself felt like a warrior and it was for that reason that I was here to see a movie about people fighting. I thought the other fellows were probably here for the same reason.


As Jon and I walked around at night close to a house, Jon suddenly said his father was near the house. Jon stooped down and I did the same. Jon then began running from the house, clearly trying to escape from his father. As Jon and I ran off together, I could hear Jon's father behind us. It sounded as if his father was hollering at us, but Jon didn't want to be with him and continued running. Jon's dogs were also running behind us.

Finally, we reached a large pine tree, whose branches reached all the way to the ground, and we decided to hide under it. After we crawled under the limbs, I noticed that it appeared to be raining around the pine tree. But Jon and I were quite secure under the tree and I felt fine here.

Suddenly Jon's dogs arrived and they also tried to crawl under the pine tree. I told Jon that if it were not for the dogs, I would be able to escape. But with the dogs here, I thought Jon's father was certainly going to be able to find us.

Indeed, Jon's father finally did arrive and he crawled under the pine with Jon and me. Now I understood why Jon didn't want to be with his father: Jon's father was intoxicated on alcohol. Jon's father, on his hands and knees, said to Jon, "You coming home sonny?"

Jon replied, "When it stops raining."

Jon's father left and I watched him walking in the rain toward the house. Jon seemed to feel guilty about his father, but I thought it wasn't Jon's fault. I also thought Jon's father should not hurt Jon like that by being intoxicated and bothering Jon. For some reason, I also thought about Carolina, and I thought that sometimes I hurt her. That made me feel guilty because I didn't want to hurt her.

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