Dream of: 11 January 1989 "Lost Mastercard"

I was completely naked riding around in the back of a pickup truck somewhere in Mexico. I had a problem because I had lost a Mastercard credit card which I had brought to Mexico with me. I didn't have any money, and it looked as if the truck was just about to run out of gas. I didn't know what I was going to do. I knew I had a good woman-friend in Mexico, but I didn't have her address.

I began looking through some things of mine here in the back of the truck and finally in a box I found a pair of jogging shorts, a pair of brown pants and a pair of brand new brown shoes which I had forgotten I had bought. I put the clothes on so that at least I was now clothed.

I also found a Mastercard receipt from an earlier purchase which I had made. Since the number of my Mastercard was on the receipt, I might be able to get my Mastercard back.

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