Dream of: 10 January 1989 "Income Tax Law"

I was living in a house with two other fellows we were all in our mid or late 20s. It had suddenly occurred to me that I needed to begin studying federal income tax law, specifically so I would be able to work abroad in the tax field. I talked with the other two fellows about the idea, and told them I wanted want them to study income tax with me. I thought I would need someone else with whom I could discuss the subject while I was studying it. I wouldn't be able to study completely alone.

One fellow was already working and said he had hopes of becoming an executive. He was still interested in the idea of studying income tax, and I thought he would probably do it. I also mentioned that if we studied tax law, it will put us in touch with the right kind of people, a higher class of people. I also thought it would help me in dealing with my own taxes. That would be another advantage. It seemed like a fabulous plan and I was ready to get started.

I thought about what would be involved. I imagined a corporation which had subsidiaries in different countries and all the different facets of tax law which would be involved in such a situation.

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