Dream of: 06 January 1989 "Mrs. Bang"

While Jon, Cathy and I were in a movie theater watching a movie I joked about the possibility of Cathy and me having sex together. Jon seemed neither annoyed nor interested by what I was saying. At one point I referred to Cathy as Mrs. Bang, and even somehow incorporated her into the movie by saying, "Where's Mrs. Bang?"

Finally I stood up, walked to the back of the theater and sat down by myself. Someone walked up and sat in a seat directly behind me; I thought it was Cathy. Finally the person leaned their head over the seat and tried to kiss me. But suddenly, realizing that the person wasn't Cathy, I tried to push the person away. But it was very difficult, and finally I stuck my right thumb in the person's mouth in an attempt to push the person away. I knew that Jon and Cathy were still sitting in the front of the theater, and I tried to scream. But I was terrified and the words wouldn't come out of my mouth. Finally I was able to scream, "Help! Help!"

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