Dream of: 05 January 1989 "Dangerous Situation"

A slender black-haired woman (perhaps in her 20s) and I had moved into a cabin which I once had built on some land of my grandparents. The two of  us were standing outside the cabin looking at it and the neighboring countryside. The cabin sat on a high hill, although not at the actual top of the hill. My grandparents home was on one side of the hill at the bottom, but their home couldn't be seen from here. At the bottom of the hill on the other side could be seen two or three farm houses, which I identified as a small village.

Looking up at the top of the hill -- which wasn't far away -- I was suddenly surprised to see two men on top playing golf. I could see one of them about to take a stroke with his golf club. They also saw me and began walking toward me. When they had come closer, I saw that they both had beards and appeared to be in their early 30s.

After greeting them in a friendly manner and beginning to talk with them, I soon realized there were actually four of them here. I told them I lived up here and I asked them where they were from. They said they were from down in the valley in the direction of the three farm houses, but they said the village was actually farther away and the houses didn't constitute the village as I had thought.

I told them my grandparents lived down below on the other side of the hill. I then noticed that on the other side of the cabin were some large barns with tobacco hanging in them. I hadn't noticed the barns before. I told the four men I didn't like being around tobacco.

Suddenly one man who was rather husky (although I didn't realize it at the time, he reminded me somewhat of Mr. Turner, one of my legal clients), turned his back to us all, pulled down his pants and began urinating. I was quite offended by his action, because the woman was standing right here. I confronted the man and I told him not to do that, but he seemed to pay no attention to me, and finally I told him he must leave.

By now I was becoming somewhat disconcerted. I realized the woman and I were all alone up here and I was uncertain I could defend her and myself against all these men. I turned around and saw another older slender man dressed in a blue suit. Although I didn't realize it at the time, he looked a bit like professor Newton. He didn't seem threatening, but he didn't seem as if he would help me either.

I again told the man urinating that he must leave. He pulled up his pants, but still refused to leave. We both backed up facing each other, and I sensed that I was going to have to fight him. I began taking off the tennis shoes I was wearing, because I thought I might need to use my feet and I would be able to kick better without the shoes. I thought I would use what karate I knew during the fight.

At the same time, I was most concerned about the woman because I was afraid the men would try to harm or rape her. She was standing a little bit apart from the rest of us. Suddenly I hollered to her to run down the hill. She didn't understand at first and I told her again. She began to run and the other men went after her. Obviously this was going to be a dangerous situation.

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