Dream of: 31 December 1988 "Rising Bubbles"

I was in the kitchen of a house in which I was evidently living. Apparently it was summer and the doors were open. My friend Jon and Gerald Head (Jon's cousin) were in the kitchen with me. Jo Alice (Jon's mother), was somewhere outside working on the yard.

I pulled out a small baggie of marijuana which I had there in the kitchen and showed it to the others. I was considering rolling a joint and smoking it with them, but Jon wanted me to put it away because he was afraid his mother would see it. Before I could put it away, I spilled some onto the floor. Jon became worried his mother was going to walk in and see it. I quickly began scraping it up. Probably enough for a joint was spilled on the floor.


Two other fellows and I were standing on the road just east of the Gallia County Farmhouse a short distance from where the bridge in front of the Farmhouse crosses Symmes Creek. On the side of the road where Symmes Creek is, there was a steep cliff which went all the way down to the creek, perhaps 15 meters below. All three of us stood next to the edge and looked down into the swirling, muddy waters. The creek appeared higher than usual.

One fellow (probably in his mid 20s) was tall and lanky and had light-colored hair. He almost seemed like my brother. Since he was standing near to the edge, the other fellow and I warned him to stand back farther, but suddenly without warning, he jumped feet first down into the creek.

A large tree was growing out of the creek's waters about three meters from shore, and the fellow went into the water between the tree and the shore. After the second fellow and I waited for a little while, and the first fellow didn't resurface, the second fellow and I began wondering if I should jump into the waters and try to save the first fellow. I decidedly didn't want to go in. The waters were extremely dangerous and probably freezing this time of year. Jumping into the cold water so far below would be very risky.

The second fellow only delayed a short while longer, and then jumped in feet first into the cold water. I waited tensely until both fellows resurfaced below. I was quite relieved. I only wished they would now get out of the water and climb back up on the bank.

Abruptly a small collie ran up  and also jumped into the water not far from the tree growing out of the water. I saw the splash which the collie made as it entered the water. I waited for it to resurface, but nothing happened. I saw some bubbles coming up a little ways downstream from where the collie entered the water. I pointed the bubbles out to the other two fellows and they, sensing the collie was in trouble, both dived under the water.

Again I tensely waited for someone to surface. As the minutes ticked by, I began to think maybe I should go in to try to help, even though I still thought that wouldn't be a wise thing to do.

While looking, I was surprised to see a backpack float by. I seemed to recall having earlier seen another backpack in the creek farther downstream, and I wondered to whom they belonged. How could I retrieve them?

Suddenly a truck or jeep pulled up on the road behind me. A strong looking man (perhaps in his 40s) stepped out and I quickly told him what had happened. And surprisingly, he appeared to be a professional diver and for some reason was in this area. He appeared to be getting ready to go into the water to try to help, but I was unsure what he was going to do. I also mentioned to him about having seen the backpack. He looked out over the water and asked me if the water was normally that muddy. I didn't understand his question at first, but finally I told him the water was now more muddy than usual. I told him they had already been under water for five minutes. I realized that had already been a long time and that even if they were found now, they might suffer brain damage.

Suddenly he likewise plunged feet first into the creek. He quickly resurfaced, and I pointed out some bubbles which I saw rising. He went under the water again, but then resurfaced without having found anything. He continued swimming and groping around.

I wondered what could have possibly happened to the two fellows. Perhaps a submerged log came downstream and hit them while they were under water. The log could have knocked them unconscious, causing them to drown.

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