Dream of: 30 December 1988 (2) "Traffic Tickets"

I had gone to a Dallas Municipal Court in the Municipal Court building where I intended to represent three different people on traffic tickets. Their names were Gibbs, Everett and Seely. I had never actually worked on a traffic ticket before and I was unsure what to do. I walked into the court room and sat down among some people on a bench. When I noticed that no other lawyers appeared to be here, I became concerned and I stood back up. Since I was sitting in the middle of the bench, I had to pass by several people to get back out.

I asked someone where the district attorney was, and a slender light-black man wearing a vertically stripped pink and black shirt was pointed out to me. I approached him and told him I was representing three people with traffic tickets. I told him I had never done this before, then I muttered again that I was their attorney.

He began looking up the names on a list, and he quickly told me I that the case against Gibbs had been dropped. I was happy to hear that and I asked why. He told me it had something to do with a fugitive warrant which was out for Gibbs. I then talked about the other two tickets and I learned that the charges were still pending in those cases. I was uncertain exactly what I would have to do to defend those cases.

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