Dream of: 30 December 1988 "Underground Group"

I was talking with a woman who was apparently a travel agent about a trip I was thinking of taking. The trip involved going all the way around the world and traveling through every continent. I was planning to drive a car, and I thought there was a way of traveling by car from continent to continent. For example, I thought I could travel from North America to South America by car, and then I thought I could travel back up through North America to Alaska finally crossing by car into Russia. However I didn't completely go into the details of my plan with the woman with whom I was talking because I figured she would think the plan was so extravagant that I wouldn't really do it.

I figured I would spend about a year on the trip. I thought the trip will give me a broad knowledge of what the world was like.


I was somewhere in Europe and was sitting with a couple other men in what appeared to be a motel room. One of the men had black hair, was slender and about 25 years old. He was quite handsome. Although I didn't realize it at the time, he looked like a fellow I had once seen in a movie. In the movie he had represented an alien who had taken over a human's body.

Two additional men walk in. The new men were quite large and were from Hungry. I gradually realized all the men were involved in some kind of underground political organization which fought against communism. The two Hungarians were reserved but polite, and I was quite impressed with them.


I was in another room in the hotel and was lying in bed with the black-haired man. It appeared that we were both in our underwear and we both had the covers pulled over us. We discussed the undercover group and I told the other fellow that the Hungarians were the most impressive men I had ever seen. Indeed I felt as if I had never encountered men like them before. It even occurred to me that I might be able to join the undercover group and remain here in Europe. I had thought before about doing something like that and this could be my chance.

Meanwhile, I began to feel hot and I threw the cover down to my feet. I was also beginning to feel uncomfortable about the fellow next to me, because I had the uneasy feeling that he might be homosexual. Indeed he finally tried to put one of his legs over me and I pushed him off. I asked him if he was homosexual and he said he was. I told him I definitely was not and he said he realized it. Nevertheless I told him that I liked him as a person and that I had had many homosexual friends before. I hoped that we could still be friends, even though I didn't want to have anything to do with him sexually. I continued talking about the underground group and continued thinking of the possibility that I might become a part of it.


Finally I got up to dress. I found a pair of brown pants and a pair of corduroys which looked clean. I had been wearing corduroys before, and the ones I had been wearing were dirty. I then also remembered that Mark Upton (a gay acquaintance from Portsmouth) had borrowed one of my pairs of pants. I stopped to think whether that was safe, since I thought Upton had AIDS. But I wasn't not really concerned about catching AIDS that way.

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