Dream of: 29 December 1988 "Can Never Go Back"

I had returned to Portsmouth for a visit; I was in a house where my mother was living. The house was unfamiliar to me, although the design was similar to the Grandview Avenue House. There was a large living room in the front of the house, then a dining room and finally a kitchen in the rear. The walls appeared to be a brown color, almost as if they were made of wood. The house seemed neat and clean; I was comfortable being here.

I wasn't going to be in Portsmouth long; I was trying to decide what to do while I was here. Someone had told me that Peggy was no longer married to Clifford and that she would like to see me. I likewise would like to see her; but I was unsure how to contact her. Finally I picked pick up a telephone book and began looking through it; but I didn't see Peggy's name. Two Walkers were listed. One was an "N. A. Walker"; I thought that might be Peggy's father.

I was in the dining room while I was looking for Peggy's number; my mother walked in. I talked to her about what I was doing; I considered looking up the name "Clifford" in the phone book. Perhaps Peggy was still using that name. My mother commented on what I was doing and she said I could never go back. What she meant was that I wouldn't be able to kindle any type of romance now with Peggy. She mentioned that my father told her how he had once tried to do such a thing with one of his old girl friends, but had been unsuccessful. I told my mother I already knew having a relationship with Peggy wouldn't be possible. But I would still just like to see her. Besides, I knew I already was having a relationship with someone else about whom I cared.

My sister walked into the room and announced that someone named Tina was at the front door to see me. I knew that Tina was a blonde-haired girl whom I used to know in Portsmouth. Actually she was now a woman probably in her late 20s. I went to the front door and Tina stepped in. I was uncertain whether I should hug her on not, since I didn't actually know her that well. But I gave her a short hug. A man then followed her in and Tina introduced me you to him. He appeared to be her boyfriend.

We all sat down, Tina and I on a couch and the man in an armchair to our left. Tina was sitting to my left on the couch. I wondered why she was here and after some small talk I asked, "Are you buying or selling?"

She seemed uncertain about what I meant; I explained that when people met like this, one of them was usually trying to either buy or sell something to the other. It even crossed my mind that the man had some kind of drugs which he might be trying to sell.

Tina began telling me that she was in the process of divorcing her husband and that she had a hearing tomorrow. I quickly figure she wanted some legal advice. I wasn't adverse to helping her, but I knew the laws in Ohio were different from those in Texas regarding divorces, and I didn't know exactly what I could do for her. I doubted I could go to the court and tell the judge I was a Texas lawyer and ask him for permission to help Tina in court in this case.

Suddenly my brother Chris (around 12 years old) rolled into the room in a wheelchair. It had been a long time since I had seen him. He didn't look particularly happy, but he didn't look sad either. I wasn't exactly sure how to approach him, although I did want to focus my attention on him.

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