Dream of: 11 December 1988 "Impression Of Power"

I was seated in a court where judge Schwille was the judge. It appeared that several persons were filling out forms with information about their lives, and I thought I should also fill out one of the forms. No more forms were in the room, however, and if I wanted to fill out one, I would have to look for one out in the hall.

I finally stood up and walked to the hall, but as soon as I was in the hall, I knew I should have asked the judge's permission before leaving the courtroom. I hurried and returned to the court with the form. When I walked back in, everything was silent. Almost immediately the judge called me and I walked to the front.

The judge's bench was very high, and he looked down at me from it. He said something about the impression of power which the bench gave to a judge. I agreed. I felt quite small. But I wasn't afraid of the judge because I thought he liked me.

I finally told him I knew I had made a mistake by leaving the courtroom without his permission. He smiled and pulled out a large, black revolver. He pointed the gun at me and I looked into the large barrel of the gun. Suddenly, with a loud bang, he fired the gun, but nothing happened to me; the gun was a blank. The judge smiled, apparently having terminated his lesson. I returned to my seat and sat down.

Four pretty women walked into the courtroom and approached the judge. They seemed to be relatives of his and visiting him. They were apparently here to get some practice in a court room.

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