Dream of: 10 December 1988 "Chained Tiger"

I was looking at a piece of land, a lot, by the side of a road. The lot was in the form of a rectangle perhaps fifteen meters wide and ten meters in length. A fence was on the three sides not fronting the road. Other similar lots were on both sides. There appeared to be an alley about a meter wide on the back side of the lot, and another similar lot on the other side of the alley.

I was now thinking of buying the lot, but was still unsure. It looked as if animals used to be raised on the lot. It looked as if there was a tree on the lot, but the lot still wasn't pretty. And the lot was so tiny and pressed in between the other lots. Still, I wanted to buy a piece of land, and this looked like a good one to buy.

Two women arrived and also began examining the land. They also appeared interested in buying it. One of them carried a small instrument with which she was able to measure the moisture of the land. I didn't understand why she would want to measure the moisture in the land, but she certainly seemed interested in what she was doing.

I didn't think they wanted to speak with me, but finally I asked them about the instrument. I was surprised when the woman with the instrument answered me in a friendly way, and began explaining to me how the instrument worked.


I was walking in a residential section of a city. I had a map and was searching for a section of the city where there were no houses, because I wanted to buy a piece of land without any houses on it. I saw on the map that there was another smaller city inside the city where I was. I wanted to avoid that area because it was probably overpopulated. I wanted an area where there were no houses.


My father and I had arrived at a house where there was apparently a man who wanted to sell some land. When the man opened the door, my father walked in carrying a thick newspaper which he was apparently going to read while we were here.

I didn't go in. I saw something behind the house which interested me. It looked like a Siberian tiger. I asked the man if it was a Siberian tiger, and he said it was. I wanted to see it closer, and he said I could, but that I shouldn't touch it. When I approached the tiger, I saw that it was wearing a chain and a thick, metal collar around its neck. The tiger fascinated me, it was so noble and beautiful, but I was pained to see it wearing a chain.

As I looked in the tiger's face, I saw that its features were very much like a man's. In fact, as I looked at it, I could imagine that it was a man with noble features sitting in front of me.

I would like to have some land where animals could run free.

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