Dream of: 07 December 1988 "Unpaid Bill"

I was seated in a restaurant at a table with three people my father, my mother and my sister (about 14 years old). After we had finished eating, a waiter cleared the plates from our table. As the waiter removed the plates from other tables, I noticed how much wasted food still remained on the plates. On one plate was a large piece of steak which someone hadn't eaten. On another was a lot of bread and in another some fish. The waiter seemed accustomed to such waste and he wasn't bothered by it.

At our table we could eat as much as we wanted of anything we wanted. My sister had eaten different types of fish and shrimp. When she had finished, she said she would like to take a shrimp for a cat which she had. She decided to order a whole new plate of fish just so she could take a shrimp to the cat, and leave the rest for the garbage. I was disgusted to hear her, and said something to my father. I didn't think he was going to do anything, but finally he sent my sister to the kitchen to cancel the order.

Since we had all finished, I rose and walked to the hall which led to the door. When I was close to the door, a man appeared with the check in his hand and accused me of not having paid the bill. I told him my father was still seated at the table, and he was going to pay the bill. The man wasn't satisfied with what I said, and he threw the bill at me. It fell on the floor and I picked it up. I put it on the man's arm. The man took it from his arm and put it on my head. He then walked to an elevator and left.

I saw another employee of the restaurant, which seemed part of a hotel. I spoke to him and complained about what had happened. I described the man who had confronted me saying he had "short, cropped, black hair."

I used the word "cropped" more than once to describe the man's hair. The word seemed a little strange to me because I rarely used it.

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