Dream of: 02 December 1988 "Rhotkin"

I was riding through a forest in a car driven by Walls, who also reminded me of Jon. Walls told me he had a powerful drug which he wanted me to try. He continued describing the drug, saying it had been confiscated by someone with the police.

I suddenly remembered my brother Chris was waiting for me somewhere else. In fact Walls and I had just left Chris somewhere, and I knew Chris was incapacitated. I wanted to return to him to be with him.

And I didn't want Walls to take the drug. I told him it could have an adverse effect on him. I feared it could make him permanently senile.

Walls came to a point in the road where he wanted to turn around and go back to from where we had come. I saw two cars parked, one on one side of the road, one on the other. It looked as if they might be stuck in the mud. I told Walls to be careful.

After turning around, Walls continued talking about the drug. He mentioned the name of the drug, which at first sounded like "Rhombles." Walls said the drug, "makes fantasy seem like reality."

That interested me. I wanted to experiment with a state of mind where fantasy would appear like reality. I would like that. But I was afraid the drug might affect me permanently. In such a case, I might never be able to return to reality. In particular, I was afraid the drug might affect my memory. Nevertheless, I told Walls I would like to try the drug.

Walls told me that the drug consisted of the eggs of a snake called "Rhotkin." I contemplated the name, trying to see if anything in the name would help me understand the nature of the drug. I thought of the word "rot," and thought the drug might have an effect on the mind which would rot the mind.

But at the same time I was more convinced that I would like to try the drug, because now I knew the drug came from something natural, and it wasn't made by man. Therefore I thought it would be good to try it.

I stepped out of the car and Walls showed me a large board which contained pictures of many different kinds of snake eggs. They were beautiful and had many different designs. The colors were mainly dark. I looked at them impatiently, wanting to try the drug as soon as possible.

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