Dream of: 28 November 1988 "Shoplifted Scissors"

I had been appointed by a judge to defend a woman who had criminal charges against her. I had already talked with the woman once by telephone, and now I needed to talk with her again. I looked for her phone number on a piece of paper on which I had made notes concerning her case. I saw a number written here a couple of times, but I didn't think it was her number. But since it was the only number I had have, I dialed it.

I waited for the phone to ring, but it never did. However it sounded as if someone was on the other end. I said something and a female voice answered. I asked who it was and quickly found out it was the woman I was wanting to talk with.

She quickly began telling me that right now she only had $15 for my attorney's fees and she would send it to me soon. I interrupted her and told her I wasn't calling about my attorney's fees, but was calling to learn about the facts of her case. After I spoke speak with her for a few moments, it became clear that she was confusing me with another lawyer, and that she must have another case pending.

After a short discussion I learned that she had been charged with theft due to a shoplifting incident. I asked her what she had stolen, and she told me it was a pair of scissors. I thought think I might be able to win her case. It would depend on whether anyone actually saw her take the scissors.

I asked ask her what her other charge was. Apparently it was in Kileen, Texas. She told me it was the same charge: shoplifting. I concluded that she must have been doing a lot of shoplifting.

I now spoke about my fee and asked her if she could send it to me. She said she didn't have it right now. I told tell her that if she didn't have it at the time we went to court, the judge could put her in jail. My fee was $150.

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