Dream of: 25 November 1988 "Planning To Get Married"

I was driving a car in which Louise was sitting in the front seat. I pulled into a parking lot next to several small stores. I was looking for a small gym which I thought was located in one of the buildings there; I planned to go in the gym and work out. I didn't see the gym anywhere and I started to leave. Finally, however, I did see it and I pulled into a parking place in front of the gym.

I stepped out of the car and walked around to Louise's side, where she had already climbed out. I became dismayed when I saw a number of my shirts and suits lying on the ground outside her door. I had just recently had them cleaned and they were still on the hangers. Apparently when Louise had stepped out of the car, she had carelessly let them fall out. I said something to her about it and she started to become angry.


I was in a house with Louise and my mother. I had been thinking maybe Louise and I could start getting along together, but for some reason she had become very angry at me. I saw it was just not going to be possible for me to get along with her.

I recalled that I had been seeing Carolina a lot lately and that Louise didn't know about Carolina. I thought I would let Louise know about Carolina, just to see how Louise would react. I turned to my mother and told her Carolina and I were planning to get married. My mother wanted to know when, and after thinking about it a short while, I told her we planned to get married on December 29th.

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