Dream of: 24 November 1988 (3) "Ball And Square"

I was having a meal with a couple men who lived together in some kind of religious organization. I began telling them that earlier in the day I had eaten a meal with some Hari Krishnas who had served me spaghetti. I noticed I was now eating spaghetti again. But it tasted good.

The men asked me if I would like to live in a religious organization, and I was adamant that I wouldn't. I thought I might help them with something, for instance, washing the dishes after I finished eating, but I was sure I didn't want to live in such a place.

After eating, we all walked into another room which contained bowling lanes, but instead of pins, at the end of the lanes was a wall with a square cut in it at the bottom. The idea was to roll the ball down the lane and into the square. I wasn't much interested.

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