Dream of: 17 November 1988 "Communicating With Fish"

I had arrived in a strange town where I was trying to find a man who was an artist. I knew he used to live with some primitive people perhaps Indians in Mexico where he had learned to make pottery.

I went to a university in the town and I entered a building where I thought the artist might be. Although I had never seen the man, I had an idea what he looked like he was tall and thin and had black hair which stuck out. Unable to find him, I walked into a lounge area and talked to some other people. I then noticed some art works on exhibit. Among them were three small pieces of pottery made of what looked like white ceramic made by the artist. As I looked at it, I talked to someone else about how beautiful it was. The three pieces were arranged together in a certain order. When I touched it, it felt very smooth and pleasant. It had a nice texture.

One piece was a small bowl, which I picked up and looked inside. There appeared to be some kind of picture painted in the bottom of the bowl. I looked closer and saw what appeared to be a man standing beside a creek. He appeared to be throwing something, perhaps seeds, into the creek. I noticed the outline of several large gold fish traced over the creek, as if the fish were jumping out of the water. This all seemed symbolic to me, as if meant to show that the fish and the man were communicating. The man was doing something for the fish, and they jumped up out of the water to tell him something. The symbol seemed quite important to me. It seemed to symbolize something that was impossible, yet which actually happened.

Now I wanted to meet the man more than ever. I asked someone if he had seen the man and the person said the man had come in. Someone had told the man that I had looking for him, but he had left because he apparently hadn't wanted to see me. I was a bit dejected by that news, but I figured that he just wanted to be alone. I had heard that the man was a real loner and didn't like to be around people.

I still wanted to meet him, and I was even thinking about moving here. That seemed strange in a way. It seemed to me that this town was called Arlington and that it was located in Ohio. It seemed strange that the artist would be here, because most people going to school here were just average people. This fellow, however, obviously possessed exceptional abilities.

If I moved here, perhaps the artist and I could even become friends. I had enough money to live for about a year, and I was also thinking about moving far out into the country away from people and just living alone for a year. It seemed as if I had a cabin somewhere I could go to. I thought about how nice it would be if I could actually do that.

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