Dream of: 10 November 1988 "Bears Turning Into Snakes"

While I was near the Gallia County Farmhouse, I looked down to Symmes Creek and saw many animals which I identified as beavers. I became very excited, because I enjoyed seeing so many beavers there.

I thought my brother Chris was on the other side of the Farmhouse and I ran around the Farmhouse to look for him. But instead I ran into a black man, and told him there were many beavers in the creek.

I ran back around to where I could see the beavers again and now found that Chris was already there looking down at them. My father was also there. Finally I decided I would like to climb down the steep cliff to the creek and get a better look at the beavers. The cliff was probably 10-13 meters high and was quite steep. Nevertheless I began climbing down it. When I had descended about half way down and could see the animals better, I realized they weren't beavers at all, but large black bears. And now I was so close to them, I began to worry they might try to climb up and get me.

I began climbing back up the side of the cliff, and I noticed one especially large black bear seemed to be trying to follow me. I got almost to the top, when I realized that near the top there was nothing for me to grab on to and I didn't know how I was going to get back up. I thought maybe someone could find a rope and tie it onto something. Then the rope could be thrown to me and I could pull myself up.


I was back on top and some of the bears had also climbed up. Chris was sitting here playing with some of the bears. The bears seemed rather tame and it didn't appear that they were going to hurt anyone. Some were white. I found a baby bear that was white and picked it up. I decided to take it into the house with me. But when I got inside with it, it seemed to become very frightened and stiffened up. And while I was holding it, somehow it turned into a black snake. It slipped out of my hand and went under the couch. But was able to catch it again and took it back outside.

Things now seemed to be getting a little out of control. I looked down in the creek and saw that all the bears down there had now turned into large black snakes which were swimming on top of the water. But the bears up on top of the bank there were still bears. Some seemed to be becoming rather ferocious.

I was unsure whether I should let the black snake loose which I was still carrying around in the palm of my hand. But finally I let it go. It seemed that its mother (who was a large bear) was up there looking for it.

Finally one white bear sunk its teeth into the pants leg of my pants and wouldn't let go. Another brown bear fell over the cliff and landed with a loud thump on a log lying below. I was afraid it was badly injured and might even die. But it seemed to recover quickly and began climbing back up the side of the cliff.

There were maybe 10 bears still running around up there on top the bank. They seemed to be becoming ever more ferocious and I thought I needed to get Chris and go inside before things got completely out of hand. I finally managed to get the bear off my pants leg, and I began trying to take Chris to safety inside the house.

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