Dream of: 08 November 1988 "Math Problems"

I had a paper with some math problems written on it. The problems were part of the homework in the high school class which I was attending. Some problems required solutions of basic mathematics, but five problems (even though they were problems with numbers) required solutions written in words.

The first problem said simply "1010." I was uncertain what to say about the problem, but I finally decided to explain that the number could represent different amounts, depending upon the base in which it was written. For example if the number were in the base of two, it would signify a different amount than if it were in the base of ten. I was satisfied that that explanation would be sufficient.

My father was driving a car in which I also was seated. As I began my explanation of the number, my father (seated to my left) began talking with me. I reflected that the grades on my last report card had been bad and that I had made some D's. My father hadn't yet said anything about the bad grades, but I anticipated that he was now going to complain about my grades. And in fact he began talking about how my doing my homework should help my grades.

I became quite upset. I said that to the contrary, my grades would be worse this next time. I told him I was very miserable because I was once again living with him. I only wanted to be far away from him. Hearing my words, he suddenly became very and began strangling me with both his hands. I escaped from him and opened the car door. I was going to call for help, but when I saw that my father had stuck his head out the door, I shut the door on his neck and trapped his head in the door. I wasn't hurting him, but at least he wasn't able to hurt me.

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