Dream of: 07 November 1988 "Pretty Silver Grenade"

I was in a comfortable apartment, speaking with Carolina, whom I liked very much. Carolina knew I still frequently saw Birdie, and while I was talking with Carolina, I realized she didn't want me to see Birdie anymore. I moved closer to Carolina and told her I agreed with what she said, and that in fact I had already told Birdie I wasn't going to see her anymore. I further told Carolina that since I had started seeing her (Carolina), I hadn't had sex with Birdie. Therefore it wasn't difficult for me to abandon Birdie. Carolina appeared pleased with what I had said, and she left to go to the car.

I was going to follow her, but first I wanted to gather a few things I had there in the apartment. I wasn't going to return to the apartment again. Even though I still had many things there, I was in a hurry and was only able to take as much as I could carry right now.

Among the things were many dimes which fell to the floor. As I tried to gather them up, I saw the dimes were made of pure silver. They were very pretty and I wanted to take them with me. As I gathered them up, on the backs of many I saw the words "Mutual Insurance Company." There was also the image of an eagle perched on a branch. The image showed the side of the eagle with its head turned toward the front.

I had many problems gathering up my things. When I finally had to leave, I saw a pretty grenade made of silver and I wanted to take it. I thought I already had some kind of weapon in the car, but I also wanted the grenade. I walked to a balcony in the apartment and looked below. I was on the second or third floor. I thought about throwing the grenade into the air and watching it explode, but I didn't throw it because I wanted to take it with me.

As I went to the door to leave, I saw a vase with a dozen beautiful roses which I had earlier bought. I also wanted to take them with me.

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