Dream of: 02 November 1988 "A Long Time Ago"

I was living in the first floor of a house which reminded me both of the Gay Street House and the West Salem House. There were two bedrooms and between them a stairway going upstairs.

I encountered Birdie in one of the bedrooms. Apparently she was going to begin living with me, and apparently I had already had sex with her. She was examining some of her shirts which she had found in an upstairs closet. I remembered she had left them there a long time ago. I walked to the other bedroom, and when I returned to where Birdie was, I could see her nipples through the shirt she was wearing. I felt sexually aroused and thought I would like to have sex with her, even though it vaguely seemed as if another woman whom I didn't want to betray was in my life. I thought I had better think more about it.

At any rate, I accepted the fact that Birdie was going to live a while with me.

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