Dream of: 23 October 1988 "Survivors"

I was in the House in Patriot. A catastrophe (perhaps an atomic war) had wiped out almost all the world's population. About 15 people had survived with me in the House and we were all living together.

I was sitting on the floor with my back against a couch. I had a blanket over me and a blue sheet under me on the floor. Someone was sitting next to me on both sides. Suddenly the person on my left (a fellow probably in his late 20s) pulled the sheet out from under me and he seemed to want to claim the sheet completely for himself. A struggle ensued and we both rose to our feet. He charged at me and I sidestepped him. He flew through the air, went over the couch and smashed his head into the wall. He hit so hard, it appeared he must have been injured.

Finally things quieted back down and I began thinking about my situation there. I was ostensibly the leader of the group and the others looked to me for guidance. I realized the item of first priority was going to be food which might be rather difficult because most food had been destroyed in the catastrophe. I thought it might be possible to gather some wild food with which to make salads. And it might be possible to find raspberries. Plus it seemed to me that there might be some canned food in the basement. Someone told me some crabs were in the basement which could be eaten, but I was rather dubious about that.

I believed other groups of survivors were in other places and I thought it might be necessary for my group and me to venture out to find the other groups. In fact, I thought money was probably still used and we might be able to buy food, since we did have some money. Problematically we didn't know how much things would cost now and what the value of money now was. I also thought my mother might be in a group of people in a town about 30 kilometers away. Maybe I could contact her and she could give me some help.

Also, traveling with the group might be dangerous. Other groups might attack us, just as Indians used to attack pioneers. I could visualize Indians standing on cliffs looking down at my group passing.

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