Dream of: 22 October 1988 (3) "Young And Reckless"

I had gone to the house of a black-haired fellow (only about 20 years old) from whom I planned to buy some marijuana. I had once before bought a baggie of marijuana from the fellow and now I wanted to buy another baggie. I spoke with him and he was quite friendly. I gave him $30 for the marijuana, but this time, instead of giving me a baggie of marijuana, he began rolling joints for me. I watched as he rolled joint after joint for me and put them on the desk in front of him.

I talked with him about how he reminded me of myself when I had been his age. He seemed reckless and he wasn't taking precautions against being arrested for selling marijuana. I pointed out to him that he in fact didn't know me very well and that I could even be a narcotics agent. When he finally stopped rolling the joints and gave them to me, I told him that I indeed was a narcotics agent and that he was under arrest. He was obviously startled, until I told him I had just been kidding and I was only trying to point out to him that he should be more careful.

After another fellow entered and I considered whether I should smoke one of my joints with them before I left, I asked the fellow from whom I had bought the marijuana if smoking a joint would be alright, and he had no objections. What troubled me was that I knew that sometimes when I smoked marijuana, I threw away all the remaining marijuana I had. I was concerned that if I smoked before I left, I might throw away the other joints after I left.

Plus I knew that I was driving and that I didn't like to smoke and drive. I was concerned I might be pulled over by the police.

Nevertheless I lit up a joint, inhaled from it and then passed it around to the others. When the joint came back to me, I wondered if any of them were sick in any way and whether I should be smoking after them. I felt like spitting after I smoked.

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