Dream of: 14 October 1988 "Never Complaining"

I was on the top of what appeared to be a hill and I was standing in what looked like the excavation of the foundation of some kind of building. All that was left was brown dirt which still held the outline of where the building must have once stood. My brother Chris (about 10 years old) and a girl (also about 10 years old) who was apparently my sister (not my actual sister) were also here.

Chris wasn't not wearing a shirt. He was lying on his back, and finally my sister picked him up to carry him somewhere. I watched for a moment, and finally realizing how heavy Chris was for her, I took him from her. I then walked around the perimeter of the site, and realized that over the edges was a rather steep decline. I was very careful as I carried Chris along, realizing that if I fell, it would be terrible for Chris.


While I was sitting in a room still holding Chris, a fellow (probably in his mid 30s) whom I knew walked up. He talked about buying some clothes and I asked him if he had ever owned a Brooks Brothers suit. Apparently he hadn't. I felt very sad talking to the fellow because I knew he had a disease which would cause him to die within the next 2 years. Finally I spoke to him about it. He sat down beside me and also became upset. He looked ready to cry.

I turned to Chris, still quietly lying on my lap. I wondered if Chris knew he also was going to die. I said to the fellow, "Look at Chris. He never complains. How can he never complain?"

I reflected that it wasn't completely true that Chris never complained. But he certainly complained very little. It was very difficult for me to understand.

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