Dream of: 10 October 1988 "Addicted To Crying"

Birdie, a fellow (probably in his early 30s), and I had spent a couple days together in a house which apparently was my mother's home, because my mother finally returned one morning and immediately began cleaning the place up. I found her and Birdie in the kitchen, and when I opened the refrigerator door, I discovered that my mother had put a large, black, wire shelf on the door to hold the food and that she had rearranged the food in the refrigerator.

My mother soon began complaining about something and her complaining escalated to an almost intolerable level. The fellow put on a long coat and prepared to leave. I hardly paid any attention to him as he walked out the front door. I didn't know him well and I didn't know where he lived or how to contact him. Still, I didn't even say anything to him. I would probably never see him again.

I turned back to my mother and Birdie, who were still in the kitchen. I said I didn't blame the fellow for leaving, that he probably had a comfortable apartment to go to and there was no reason for him to stay here and continue listening to my mother. My mother then began crying violently. It was an unpleasant scene and I felt disgusted with the whole thing. I turned to Birdie and said, "This is what I grew up with."

It was unpleasant for me to have to tell Birdie this, but I figured her childhood had probably not been much better. Finally I left them both and headed upstairs. I could hear my mother once again break out into loud crying and I thought to yourself, "She is pathologically addicted to crying."

It was now occurring to me that my mother cried so much because it gave her some kind of pleasure. The idea sounded quite sick to me.

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