Dream of: 09 October 1988 (2) "Multi-Colored Mushrooms"

I was traveling along with several other people, apparently in a pickup truck. I seemed to be in west Texas and was headed west. I noticed several pretty ducks in some pools of water along the road. I knew that many ducks were having a difficult time surviving in the modern world, but these at least seemed somewhat protected by man.

I passed what appeared to be oil fields, and it looked as if something was on fire, because I could see smoke. Suddenly off in the distance to the right, I see dark gray smoke billowing violently out of the ground. It looked as if it may be a volcano beginning to erupt and was extremely impressive. As I looked at the smoke, different distinct forms began appearing in it. The images were so distinct and solid, they reminded me of hallucinations evoked by hallucinogenic drugs. I saw giant multi-colored mushrooms form in the cloud of smoke and then fall off to the ground. I saw an image of the Disney character "Goofy."

The images were so striking, I would like to pull over and just watch the smoke for a while, but when I make my desires known to the driver (a man probably in his 40s), he just ignored me and drove on.

I continued for quite a ways, until the truck finally stopped and we all got out. We all began walking along a deserted section of the road. On the right I saw the foundation of an extremely large house which was no longer there. Someone commented that the house had been destroyed during the First World War. I pointed out a large fireplace at the far end of the house. It looked as if the fireplace had a place for a fire on both the front and back of it.

Next I passed several large mansions on the right side of the road. They were all abandoned and boarded up, although they still looked quite magnificent. It looked as if I had reached the outskirts of a town, but someone said that no one lived here. However I could see toward the center of the town, and it appeared that it was inhabited there. Then I noticed some stores I was passing which seemed open. Two stores had dresses hanging in front of them, apparently for sale.

Finally I entered into some kind of large shed which had a roof but no walls. Gradually it became clear that someone was going to have to go back and get the truck. One thin older man (probably in his 60s) volunteered and headed off. I noticed that he got into another pickup truck which he was apparently going to drive back to the one we had been in before. Another man who didn't seem very friendly to me got in the rear of the pickup. Just as the pickup pulled out, I decided I would also like to ride along in the rear. I began running along behind it, hoping to catch it and jump on, but it was going too fast and pulled away without me.

I wasn't that disappointed. Actually I was thinking about breaking away from the group and going off alone. I had heard that there was a short railway track which led to a deserted cave about eight kilometers from town. I might go to the cave and actually live there for a while. It would probably be difficult for the others to find me there.

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