Dream of: 28 September 1988 "Losing Air"

I had gone to a Fort Worth which I thought was run by judge Cook (a Fort Worth judge). I had three documents with me which pertained to three criminal cases against a client of mine. Apparently my client was in jail, and I wanted to talk to the judge about reducing the bail amounts in the three cases. One case was a class C misdemeanor for failure to previously appear at a court setting on one of the other cases. I was sure that the bail amount in the failure to appear case wouldn't be more than $200.

The judge wasn't yet on the bench. Quite a few people were gathered in the courtroom and I hoped when the judge finally came out, it wouldn't take a long time to get to my case. Finally a young fellow (not more than 20 years old) walked out and sat at the judge's bench, which was actually just a desk. I was surprised at first, because I thought he was the judge, but finally I concluded he was merely a clerk getting things ready for the judge.

Finally the judge did appear and sat down. He called a few cases and then left the room. I was growing increasingly impatient, and when he returned, I immediately rushed up to him to try to talk about my case.

I was now also carrying a reddish-orange balloon which had the name of my client written in ink in big letters on it. After talking to the judge a short while, I realized I no longer had my balloon in my hand. As I looked look around for it, I glanced back into the audience and saw Buckner sitting there, apparently waiting for me. It looked as if Buckner had been with me all the time.

Finally I saw the balloon on the desk, but it had lost almost all its air. I was concerned that I wouldn't now be able to see my client's name on it. I put my mouth over one end of the balloon, and I was surprised to see the balloon begin getting bigger when I blew on it. I was able again to see the name of my client written on the balloon.

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