Dream of: 22 September 1988 "German Money"

I had gone to visit Weinstein at a college campus where he was studying. I saw see him for a while, but then I wandered off and lost track of him. When I once again began looking around the campus for him, I was unable to find him. After looking for a long time, I began to think something had happened to him and I became worried. But finally I saw see him carrying four or five old books and talking with some people. I walked up and also began talking. I enjoyed taking part in the conversation.

I was in the northeastern part of the United States and I was getting ready to drive back to Dallas. One of the people here wanted to go to Tijuana, and someone said I might be able to take the person to Tijuana. But I said, "No, that's clear over on the Pacific coast."

I mulled it over and thought, however, I might be able to take the person as far as Dallas. That was two-thirds of the way. Weinstein whispered in my ear that the person might help pay for gas.

As we talked, other people began crowding in all around us, and I felt something touch my butt. I reached around to my rear pocket and realized my billfold was gone. I looked down, and just as I thought I saw it lying on the ground, a boy (about 10 years old) grabbed it and ran off. I screamed that the boy had stolen my billfold and I began chasing him. I quickly caught him, retrieved my billfold from him and brought him back to the others. I had quite a bit of money in the billfold. I talked to Weinstein and the others about what had just happened, and finally I just let the boy go.

I then looked down on the ground and saw what appeared to be a folded-up piece of money. I picked it up, unfolded it and saw it was a 20 mark note from West Germany. I showed it to Weinstein and mentioned it was worth $10. I then looked around on the ground and saw other wads of money with rubber bands around them. I picked up five or six of them. Although it was obviously good German money, Weinstein didn't seem interested.

I walked to the side and began unfolding the money. It looked as if parts of some of bills had been eaten by mice. In one wad I find three bills which appeared to be for 15 marks each. But one note was for 18,000 marks, and I thought it must be from East Germany. I was unsure how much bills from East Germany were worth.

One note had been eaten so badly it was in pieces. I began trying to fit the pieces together. It was apparently from East Germany. The picture on the note seemed to be of a white building with a dome on it. It appeared a woman was walking down some spiral stairs of the building.

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