Dream of: 21 September 1988 "Dancing Clown"

I was in a large room, perhaps a gymnasium, where couples were dancing together around the floor. They appeared to be mostly amateur dancers, and perhaps they belonged to a folk dance group. One couple in particular caught my attention. The man was probably in his 40s, was slender and had short gray hair. He seemed to be dancing rather clumsily at first, but then he separated from his partner and began dancing alone along the far wall. He wasn't actually dancing, but making movements which remind me of a clown. He was doing an excellent job of it. He could raise his leg far into the air in well-executed motions and he could bend his body in amazing ways. He was obviously in excellent shape and he was well-practiced at what he was doing.

Another woman began dancing with him. She was dressed somewhat like a ballerina and was obviously the best female dancer in the room. She clearly saw that the man knew what he was doing, or rather, he had the capability of knowing what he was doing, because he seemed unfamiliar with the actual dances which were being done here. He was learning quite fast. He and the woman went around the floor practicing together.

Someone else stepped up to him and he began learning a dance with three people. One person was on each side of him and they each put one arm around his neck. He repositioned their arms and then put his arms around them. They looked like a unit as they began practicing.

I, meanwhile, was standing up on a slightly raised platform, and I also began practicing some dance steps. I was a little confused about the dance I was trying to learn. It involved taking three steps forward, three steps backward and then kicking one of my legs. I remembered having once been able to do the dance, but I had forgotten which foot I was supposed to begin with. I practiced several times trying to figure it out.

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