Dream of: 20 September 1988 "Supernatural Powers"

Apparently I had moved to a new city and I wanted to visit what appeared to be a club house, where I would like to meet some people in the club. I reached an area not far from the club house, which was up on a rise, and I climbed up into a tree. I tore off some dead branches from the tree and threw them to the ground. Up in the tree I found what looked like a little window, and through it I was able to look into what appeared to be another world. I thought about just sitting up in the tree for a while.

It seemed as if someone was with me, although it was difficult to define exactly who the person was. Finally I climbed back down, and I wondered if the other person would believe me if I told him about being able to look into another world up in the tree.

The area below the tree was rather swampy with quite a bit of junk cluttered around. As I walked around in the swamp, I stepped into some mud, and some of it went over the boots which I was wearing. I noticed a dirty couch, and I threw a clean blanket which I had with me over it. I then lay down on the couch, and it seemed as if there was also a television in the swamp which I watched for a while.

I began thinking about the people in the club. Originally the club had been set up for people with supernatural powers. I realized I also had some supernatural powers, but that they weren't yet well developed. I thought I would like to meet other people with supernatural powers. Together we could form a group to combine our forces. However, I was unsure where to look for the others.

I thought they might come here where I was now, but when I looked around, I realized they probably wouldn't come here. I decided that the way to find them was not just to sit back and wait for them. I had to look for them. I wondered where I should begin to look for people like that, so together we could form a group.

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