Dream of: 18 September 1988 "New Living Quarters"

I was in Mexico in the process of moving to into a type of apartment building where the living quarters in the building were individually owned by different people, many of whom were Americans. The quarters into which I was moving were on the sixth floor and were owned by an American woman (about 60 years old). She was going to let me live here free, if I helped do some repairs on the place.

In fact, I had already had someone come over yesterday to give me an estimate on how much the repairs would cost. That person was actually going to do the work, but the woman wanted me to help gather in the supplies which would be needed. She and I had made a list of things which would be needed. One item on the list was a "booty." It was a piece of metal wire which was somehow placed inside a wall to hold wires in place in the wall.

The woman seemed as if she wanted to be directly involved in everything and I felt a bit uncomfortable having her supervising what was going on. She didn't even seem to realize that when I had received the estimate for the work yesterday, that the men would come back to do the work if I would just call them. She seemed to think that because I hadn't had them begin yesterday, they wouldn't begin today. Another man nearby confirmed that the contractors would come back when I called them.

As I was discussing the work with the woman, another man walked up and I learned he lived on the seventh floor. I asked him if there was much difference in the floors and he said there was. I had the feeling that the seventh floor would be better for me. The people on the sixth floor might be too old to make me feel comfortable. Nevertheless, I would just have to stay on the sixth floor for now, because I couldn't afford anything else.

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