Dream of: 17 September 1988 "Sinking In Mud"

I was in Portsmouth one night, walking by a house standing where a small store used to stand when I had gone to high school in Portsmouth. I had heard that the old woman who used to live in the house had died, but all the furniture was still in the house. I decided to go in and I found the front door unlocked. In the front room I found a bed and I decided to spend the night in it. I realized I didn't have permission to do so, but I decided to do it anyway.

I slept for a while in the bed, and when I woke up, I went to the bathroom. There I discovered several stalls, as if it were a public toilet. I noticed that each stall also had a bed in it and that the beds in here were unmade as if someone had been sleeping in them. I concluded that other people had also been coming in the house and sleeping here, but the others decided it would be safer sleeping in the toilet because there would be less chance of being seen here. I however had decided to sleep in the front room.

Finally I left the house and almost immediately I encountered a boy (probably 11-12 years old). I talked to him and he told me that he was going to a class at Portsmouth High School. I mentioned that it was Saturday and I asked why he was going to class today. He said it was a special course dealing with broadcasting and it was only given on Saturdays. I noticed hundreds of other students seemed to be headed toward the school and I concluded that there must be an enormous interest in broadcasting. It seemed like an interesting subject to me.

As I walked along the sidewalk, I noticed that it had become quite muddy. In fact, the sidewalk seemed to disappear in the mud. Undaunted by the mud, I jumped into it in front of a group of students. I was wearing high boots, and I was surprised to see the mud come over my boots. I continued on and took another jump, but this time I landed in a hole and sank up to my neck in mud. Some of the mud even splashed onto my face. I was a bit worried that it might be sewage instead of mud.

I looked back and saw that other students were behind. One black-haired girl seemed to be having a terribly difficult time and she seemed to be in danger. I might have to go back and try to help her.

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