Dream of: 16 September 1988 "Overaged"

I was in Portsmouth talking with Walls about a dance which I thought I might like to go to. Apparently Walls was going to go. A jazz band was going to be playing. But apparently it was going to be a high school dance, and one must be either a high school student or a band member or come with a high school student or band member to get in. I thought my sister was still in high school and perhaps I could go with her.

As I looked around the room, I noticed Cox (a former junior high schoolmate) sitting there talking. I also noticed on some shelves on the wall some large boxes of chocolate chips and some boxes of tortilla chips. Cox talked about someone who had been eating the chips and had become sick from them. I figured Cox had probably stolen the food from somewhere. He was probably a professional burglar now. I thought about how the police never caught people like him. The police were always too busy catching people committing drug offenses, because catching drug offenders was so easy. But the police didn't work on the hard crimes like burglaries.

I remembered how when I had been a child, I used to steal things with Cox. Now he had grown up to be a professional burglar. I noticed a scar on his face over top one of his eyes and down the side of his face. I thought of asking him where he had gotten the scar. It was quite ugly. It looked as if he might have been cut with a knife and had never received stitches. But I didn't ask him anything about it. Instead I asked, "Where's Stevens?"

I was referring to Stevens (another former junior high schoolmate). Cox told me where Stevens was. Apparently Cox and Stevens still associated. I figured Stevens probably had also turned into a professional criminal.

Finally I got ready to go, and when I turned around, I was standing near a car wash. I spoke with someone about car washes. I said that some people who had nowhere else to go use car washes as showers. That sounded like a pretty good idea to me. Someone could get pretty clean at a car wash spraying oneself down.

Someone mentioned that someone had dropped a quarter here, and some people began looking on the ground for it. I also glanced around, but I didn't not see anything. Finally someone found a dime.

Finally I decided to go to my car, which was black. It was parked on the lot of a gas station next to the car wash. But when I looked look over to where my car was, I saw it being picked up by a crane and moved into what looks like a junk yard. I began screaming at the man operating the crane. He was a corpulent fellow (around 40 years old). I screamed that I was a lawyer and that I wanted my car back. I screamed that I was going to sue him and take him to court.

The man stopped and my car was is held in mid-air. One of the wheels of the car was missing, but I didn't know what had happened to it. I pulled out your drivers license and my bar card to show him. I then showed the man a ticket where someone had once before tried to do that to me. It said something on the ticket about the car being picked up before because it was "overaged." I explained to the man that that ticket had been dismissed. Finally the man agreed to give me my car back.

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