Dream of: 13 September 1988 (2) "The Future"

While sitting in a room and talking with Birdie, I heard the phone ring and I picked it up. Carolina giggled on the other end. She apparently knew I was with Birdie. I asked Carolina where she was and she told me she was in a bar somewhere. I asked her if anyone was with her and she said that someone named George was with her. I said something else to her and she responded, "What? Am I sleeping with him?"

Apparently she thought I had asked if someone was sleeping with her. I told her that wasn't what I had asked, and I continued talking. I was concerned about her being in the bar and I decided I was going to go get her. As I continued talking, it gradually seemed as if I were talking into a device through which someone was communicating to me about what the future was going to be like.

The means by which the device functioned was unclear, but it seemed as if I first saw a painting on the wall, and then I saw some people. I heard someone say, "Entonces ustedes ...," and I thought they were getting ready to say in Spanish, "So then you knew what was going to happen."

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