Dream of: 13 September 1988 "Bathtub In The Closet"

I was in an upper-story motel room with several other people, including a woman, Buckner and an oriental fellow (who has made a bed for himself in a closet). We had all brought quite a few things into the room, including at last, a car, and I imagined that people were beginning to wonder how we had been able to bring so many things into the room.

The woman was planning to take a plane soon to California and stay there for a while. With her she had a credit card good for buying Campbell's food product, such as soup and other items. In fact she had just used the card to buy something for 88 cents. But she told me that she wasn't going to have enough money to pay the 88 cents when she was supposed to, and she asked me for advice.

I told her she needed to call the Campbell company and cancel the card. But I also told her that before she did that, she needed to go out and buy about $100 worth of Campbell's products. Then she could sell them to me for about $25 "cold, hard cash." Stave cast a knowing look at me.

I explained to the woman that since she was going to California, she wouldn't be able to take anything she bought with the card with her. Instead, she could just buy more Campbell products in California for her own use. At that point she could cancel the card.

In the meantime I looked into the closet where the oriental fellow had gone. I liked him. I noticed that on the back wall of the closet was another door which appeared to have some holes in it through which one could look into an adjoining room. I looked through and saw a girl and another man standing on the other side. They were talking about taking something off the door. I thought they might be planning to open the door and come through the closet into our room.

In the rear of the closet was a large, white, old-fashioned bathtub. The oriental fellow had put a sleeping bag in the bathtub, lain down on it and gone to sleep.

Someone then opened the door in the room and a large dog with short black hair ran in, jumped up on me and began licking me. I was happy to see the dog and as I pet it, I said, "Baby, we missed you. How could we have gotten along without you for so long."

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