Dream of: 09 September 1988 "Meditating On Collages"

I was staying in a house where my sister and my mother were living. They left for a while, and I thought now was a good opportunity to think about some things, something which I had wanted to do for a while.

I had pulled out some of my collage pictures and scattered them over the house. I stepped over one intricately cut-out picture, which was of two angels which sticking spears in some dragon-like creatures. I had almost forgotten I had that picture. I then walked into another room where I had collage pictures scattered all over the floor. I decided to sit down in the middle of the room and meditate while I looked look out over the pictures.

As I started to sit down, one black and white picture of a stern-looking Abraham Lincoln caught my eye. I sat down on one side of the pictures, but from where I was, I couldn't see the pictures. All I saw was is a dark area. It reminded me of ripples of sand on a beach. I began changing my position so I could see the pictures and meditate on them. I was thinking that maybe I should be making collages. I was unhappy because I hadn't been making collages.

Suddenly I heard someone at the door and I knew it was my sister and my mother. I went to the door and began scratching on it like an animal. There was a window in the door, but they were still unable to see me through it. Finally, when they opened the door, I stuck my hand out as if I were going to attack them. My mother quickly shut the door on my fingers, smashing them. But I didn't feel any pain. It was as if my fingers were made of rubber. She held the door shut on my fingers. It didn't cause me any pain, but I knew she was going to feel guilty about it later. Finally she opened the door and I leaped out at her, as if I were going to grab her. Finally she realized it is me and she was unafraid.

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