Dream of: 05 September 1988 "Throwing Myself Into The Ocean"

While I was in a house which seemed vaguely like the Ressinger House, my mother and my sister came to visit. After I had talked with them a while in the living room, I realized when my sister had entered the House, she had left a baby in the kitchen a baby which she just had a few days ago. I walked into the kitchen and after finding the baby in a cardboard box, I lifted it out and began examining it. The baby was only about four centimeters long and fit into the palm of my hand. It looked more like a baby of some four-legged animal than of a human. It was nude and its skin looked reddish, as if chapped.

My mother entered the room and stood beside me as I looked over the baby. After I talked to my mother a while about the baby, I was startled when I thought I heard the baby speak a coherent sentence. The sound of the baby's voice was garbled and weak, as the sound of a voice coming over a distant radio station. My mother also looked startled. I said something to the baby and it spoke back to me. I could hardly believe my ears. I continued talking and the baby's voice quickly grew stronger and more coherent. The voice was somewhat strange, as if it were just somehow appearing in my mind.

Finally I decided to carry the baby into the other room to its mother. Carolina was now in the other room, and Carolina was the mother of the baby. I was very excited about the baby being able to talk, but I knew I should keep the speaking ability secret. But of course Carolina had to know.

Carolina had already named the baby Christina; I thought it was a pretty name. When I carried Christina into where Carolina was, I immediately had the feeling Carolina didn't want to be around the baby. And when I spoke to Carolina about Christina, Carolina stood up and left the room.

Christina and I were alone in the room and I spoke to her again. I was now surprised to hear Christina say something to me in Spanish. Apparently she had already learned some Spanish from her mother Carolina. I talked to her a bit in Spanish and during the conversation, she called me Ronald. I corrected her and told her my name was Steve. I thought she was somehow confusing me with my mother's brother, my uncle Ronald.

I realized I was going to have to tell Christina something else I was actually her father and Christina's mother was my sister. Her mother had told everyone that someone else was the father, because she didn't want everyone to know that Christina was the daughter of a brother and sister. But now I thought I needed to tell Christina the truth. In fact, that might even be the reason why Christina was able to talk at such an early age.


I was in a type of fortress which was about to be attacked. I was still carrying Christina around in my hand, but she no longer looked like a baby. Now she looked like some small pieces of gold and gold chain which I had torn off a large golden headdress of some sort. I was carrying the gold in a paper cup. Somehow I had managed to sprinkle some salt in the cup and I worried the salt would hurt Christina. I needed to clean it out somehow.

Two other men were with me and we were all concerned about the impending attack on the fortress. The man in charge of our forces didn't know about Christina. Christina's powers were more developed now. Not only could she talk, she could give incredibly accurate advice if she were given the proper information with which to make a decision.

I decided I was going to ask her what I needed to do now to escape being injured or killed in the coming battle. I spoke to her about where we were. She wanted an accurate description; I told her the fortress was at the end of a peninsula and that three sides of the fortress were surrounded by water. The fourth side led to the land of the peninsula. I gave Christina more facts and she quickly assessed everything. Finally she said it was necessary for me and my two companions to drown in order to escape.

Her advice alarmed me. I carried Christina into a room by myself. The room had rock walls and a concrete floor. I tried to figure out what Christina meant and suddenly it was clear what she was talking about. I must throw myself into the ocean in such a way that it looked as if I had drowned, but actually I would swim away to safety. I wondered if it might be better if I did it alone without the other two companions. I thought I would consult Christina about that possibility.

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