Dream of: 01 September 1988 "City Hall"

I had bought a large old building in Gallipolis. The building (in need of much work) had once been the City Hall. I was thinking of converting it into a large house and living in it. I thought I would begin by fixing up one large room in the rear of the building.

I decided to get to know the town better first, and I went to a party. Most people at the party were young, and some were playing a word game. A woman had a word in mind, and the others were trying to guess the word. It was clear that the woman was thinking of a stone jar of something. I also began playing. Finally I said it was a fifth of something, and then I said it was a fifth of whiskey. The woman said that was right, it was a fifth of whiskey. Finally I guessed that it was a fifth of Seagram's Seven Whiskey and the woman said, "Yes."

I spoke to a blond fellow (about 21 years old). After talking with him a while, I realized he was a lawyer. A pretty woman was nearby, and she appeared to be listening to what I was saying to the fellow. I talked with the fellow a while longer, until finally the two of us left the party together in his car.

He told me he worked in Gallipolis in a building not far from where we were. Since I was also thinking of working as a lawyer in Gallipolis, I thought I would like to know more about the situation there. I rode around Gallipolis for a while until we finally arrived at a large field on the outskirts of town where other cars were parked.

After we parked and our conversation turned to marijuana, the fellow told me that people came to this field to smoke marijuana. I thought that I myself would like to smoke some pot. Finally the fellow talked with someone and was able to obtain some joints. The two of us then rode to a house, stopped the car, and entered the house. Some other men were inside. I had the joints, and I put them in a denim jacket lying on the floor. After the fellow with me took one of the joints and lit it up, we all began smoking.

The fellow mentioned how it was hard to go anywhere these days without encountering marijuana. I agreed. I thought about the laws against drugs and how terrible they were.

The fellow then began talking about a rock star who had originally come from Gallipolis, and who later had gone to New York City. He had recently returned to Gallipolis and a large party had been held for him. He had had to turn down an abundance of drugs while in Gallipolis, because he didn't use drugs. And apparently his manager didn't want him using drugs. I thought he could have at least accepted some joints and taken them with him.

Finally I decided to go and I left alone, walking down the street in the direction of my building. When I finally reached the building, I began looking it over. In the front was a small room perhaps four meters square. I began thinking that maybe I would convert that room first. Since the room had no windows, I would have to put windows in all the walls.

I then noticed my mother and my sister in the room. My sister was sitting on a blue sheet on the floor. I was carrying something with some water in it and I let the water fall onto the floor. The water ran to the sheet on which my sister was sitting and seeped between her feet. She began complaining because I had spilled the water.

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