Dream of: 30 August 1988 (2) "Underground World"

I had heard that on a certain day there would be an earthquake, and some houses would disappear into the earth. I was unsure whether it would really happen, but when the day arrived, I was on a city street, on the side of a hill, and saw some columns of smoke begin rising out of the ground. I said to some other persons nearby, "It's happening."

I began running, looking for a good house to go into. I figured that if the houses were going to fall into the earth, I wanted to be in a good one. I asked myself whether a brick house would be better than one made of wood, but decided that a wooden house would be better, because a brick house might fall apart if it fell into the earth.

Although I wanted to search for the best house possible, the earthquake suddenly became stronger, and I ran into the first house I came to. It was an old wooden house and appeared to be rather ugly. Once inside the house, I felt that it was beginning to fall. I realized the earth had opened up and the house was falling into the earth.

I was in the kitchen of the house, and I asked myself if there was something here to eat. I wondered what I was going to eat when I was inside the earth.

The house finally stopped falling and I looked through a window. Outside people were walking around in what appeared to be a city inside the earth. There were even trees. Even as I looked about, however, I knew I was inventing the whole scene in my mind, even though it still seemed to be the truth. I didn't know how it was possible, but there actually appeared to be a city inside the earth.

I asked myself how it was possible for plants, such as the trees, to grow here. It appeared that a bluish light overhead was the source of the energy here. I didn't know how that was possible.


One day, after I had acclimated myself to being here inside the earth, I was hunting with what appeared to be a shotgun, but which shot arrows. I saw what appeared to be a large horse, but I wasn't close enough to shoot at it. I then saw some deer, and then I saw some white deer. At first it appeared that the deer were going to come to me, but then they ran away. Next I saw some pretty cows which had the same color skin as the white deer. I said to them, "Come here, girls. Come on, girls."

I was trying to coax them to come to me, but they were too far away, and suddenly they began running away from me. I was unable to shoot at them.

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