Dream of: 30 August 1988 "Captured Horse"

I chased a large, brown horse until I captured it, and now I was seated on its back. I continued riding the horse along a road until I reached what appeared to be a swamp. I saw water in the swamp, and what appeared to be suds on top the water. Some men were standing along the side of the swamp, and I asked them if the water was good to drink. They told me it was. So I walked my horse toward the water. On the way, the horse began sinking in some mud. Finally the horse was able to reach the water and began to drink.

Suddenly the horse sank under the water. I saw my eyeglasses in the water and I remembered the horse had been carrying them. I jumped into the water, reached the glasses, then turned back toward the shore. In the water I felt the stump of an old tree, and I stood up on the stump. Suddenly I felt something on my leg, and I realized it was a snake. Another snake also appeared to be around my hand. I felt the snake on my hand was brown or black, but I was unsure. I was also unsure if it was poisonous. The snake on my hand bit me, and I wondered how I was going to get if off my hand.

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