Dream of: 26 August 1988 "Borrowed Car"

For some reason, a family was letting me borrow their big brown car. I drove the car around a while before I realized it was a Cadillac. Finally I returned the car. I was standing outside the family's house and they were all sitting in the kitchen. There was a man and his wife, and it looked as if an older couple was also sitting at the table. I reached through the kitchen window and put the keys inside in a box.

I then left, but then realizing I needed to borrow the car again, I returned to the house. Without even asking, I stuck my hand through the window and started to take the key. Then I noticed the family was still around the table. I stopped and asked them if it was all right for me to borrow the car. They seemed reluctant, and they told me that a smaller red car was there, and that I could borrow it. They said the keys to that car were already in it. They also mentioned that that the car had a problem so that if I slowed down to first gear, then I had to put the car in reverse to get it to start up again.

I went out to the red car, got into it and drove off. This car wasn't bad, but I liked the other one better. As I headed down the road, I approached a bridge, and I noticed a small boy coming toward me riding a tricycle. He waved at me and came over into my lane. I swerved to the left and passed him, barely missing him. It would have been disastrous if I had run over him.

Finally I reached a hill, and as I started up, I had to slow the car down to first gear. When I did so, the car stopped running. I tried to put it into reverse, but I had an awful time. I just couldn't get the car to go up the hill. Obviously the car wasn't running right, and I thought I might just take it back to where I had borrowed it.

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