Dream of: 25 August 1988 "Visiting Cousins"

I had rolled up a thick marijuana joint about a third of a meter long. When I began smoking, the pot didn't seem very good, and I wondered if it were even marijuana. Finally I decided to go visit someone, and after folding the joint in half, I stuck it in my pocket. Part of the joint was still sticking out of my pocket and I tried try to press it down.

As I walked down the street toward my car, I thought about how I would like to get high on marijuana. The problem with being intoxicated on marijuana was that the high only lasted for a short while, and I would like to stay permanently intoxicated. The basic problem was that I couldn't be intoxicated all the time on marijuana.

I reached a house where I thought my second cousin Jeff lived. I entered and walked into a back bedroom where someone was lying under a blanket on a bed. I woke up the person on the bed, and indeed the person was Jeff. Although it was almost noon, he was still in bed. Apparently he had stayed up late the previous night.

After I apologized for awakening him, he got up from the bed and said he needed some time to wake up. I told him it didn't matter because I was going to leave anyway. He told me that he had some marijuana and that he was going to roll me a joint before I left. He said the marijuana came from out west and was supposed to be very good. That pleased me, because I wanted to smoke some marijuana. I wanted him to get up and start rolling. I hoped he would roll a joint and give it to me so I could take it and smoke it alone, since I preferred to smoke by myself. I sat down and mentioned the long joint I had, but I added that I didn't think it was really marijuana. He seemed unconcerned.

I also mentioned that I was planning to go back to a school which apparently was in western Canada. I suggested that he come out to visit me, but I didn't think he ever would.

Jeff said that he didn't have the marijuana there, and that he must go somewhere else to fetch it. After he left, I walked into the living room and sat down. A few minutes later my great-uncle Ray (Jeff's father) and my second-cousin Keith (Jeff's brother) walked in. As Ray and Keith walked into a back room, I heard them talking. Apparently Ray had caught Keith buying cigarettes, and Ray suspected that Keith was going to use the papers on the cigarettes to roll joints. Ray and Keith began arguing in the back room about it.

By the time Jeff finally returned, I had become worried that Ray knew what was going on and that he would prevent Jeff from rolling the joint. When I now noticed a young woman (probably 15 years old) sitting behind me, I asked Jeff who she was. She heard my question and told me who she was. From what she said, I gathered that she was a young relative of Jeff's family and that she had come to live with the family. I also noticed a small boy and a small girl (only about 3 years old) in the room. Both the boy and girl were very pretty.

Finally Jeff walked into the back room and someone sat on my lap, but after a while it seemed as if a cat (and not a person) were sitting on my lap. While I petted the cat, I noticed a dog which looked like a Schnauzer running around the room. The dog came over to me, put its teeth on my fingers and pulled them away from the cat, because the dog wanted me to pet it (the dog). I began petting the dog with my right hand and the cat with my left. I wondered how many other animals were going to want me to pet them while I was sitting there.

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