Dream of: 21 August 1988 "Double Dipping"

In the morning I was lying on a bed in a motel room, thinking about getting up. My ex-wife Louise and I had spent the night together here in the room; it looked as if she were already up and in the bathroom dressing.

I had had a dream during the night about anti-trust law; now it almost seemed the dream had been giving me some direction in the practice of law. Perhaps I should specialize in anti-trust law and exit the general practice in which I was now engaged.

I thought about one of my cases for which I needed to depose two people on the opposing side; maybe I could depose both on the same day. Had Louise ever deposed anyone? Perhaps she would like to join me in the deposition.

I stood up and walked over to a mirror on the wall. I was already dressed in a red outfit. My face looked quite young; I seemed to be just beginning to grow a mustache. For some reason I thought I looked a lot like Jim Shaw (a former high school schoolmate), and I thought I would tell Louise about that when she came out of the bathroom.

What about Louise and me anyway? What were we going to do together? I knew she was married to Vernon. Did I want to keep seeing her on the side? The words "double dipping" came to mind as a description for what I was doing. Did I want to stick my penis where another man had had his? The idea didn't seem that bad, as long as I was sure Louise didn't have AIDS. If I were going to keep seeing her like this, she was going to have to have an AIDS test. Then she would have to have a test every three months, just to make sure she hadn't caught something.

The number of people who had AIDS these days amazed me. I even had some legal clients who had AIDS. I thought specifically about Mr. Teems (a legal client). How had he caught AIDS? Had he been leading a profligate life and having sex orgies with men? I thought of all the women now being infected by bisexual men.

I thought back about my high school class and I wondered how many people in it had ever caught AIDS. It didn't seem to me that any of them had been homosexuals. There was Mark Upton, but he had gone to another school. I had heard that one of my classmates from high school named Tim might have been homosexual, but I was unsure. Maybe no one in my class had ever caught AIDS; after all, my school had been out of the main stream.

I wondered whether my class was going to have a high school reunion. I would like to go. Hopefully by then I would be living in Mexico. I could dress very simply, but still nicely, in some colorful Mexican clothes when I went to the reunion. If people asked, I might mention I had gone to law school and had been a lawyer for a while, but had been able to save enough money to quit practicing law and move to Mexico.

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